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God always has a plan for us

I used to hear people say this is where I am supposed to be, this is what God intended for me. I had been on somewhat of a journey searching for where that place was and what God wanted from me. I found that place and what he wanted when I returned to work in Preschool.

I have always said that a child’s first school experience sets their view for the years to come and the parents, too. My goal is that my students learn to love school, want to come to school, and even miss it when there is a break. I want to make learning fun and exciting and I want parents to feel at ease when their child is with me.

One of the most exciting parts of being a Preschool teacher is getting to know each child and learning their little personalities. Knowing when they need a hug, reassuring words or someone to sit and play because they miss mom or dad. The learning all falls into place when the child is comfortable with their surroundings. That is God’s plan, to share my love with these children.

My husband and I have two sons and have been members of St. Aloysius for about 15years. We were both raised here in Louisville and attended Catholic schools. I received my Associates Degree in Pharmacy Technology. I have received the Commonwealth Childcare Credential Certificate and I am working towards my Child Development Associate Certificate.