When we first moved to Louisville 4 years ago we were looking for a school for our daughters that was welcoming, friendly, encouraging and God loving. We found all of that and so much more at St. Aloysius.

Joy Cox

Amazing school! We have been a part of St.Aloysius since 2014. Teachers and staff always make sure kids feel welcome and successful in many aspects of life.

Pilar DC-Gomez

Great Learning environment. Teachers and Staff are there to assist the students in learning to the best of the students ability. It amazes me how much our Children have learned, not only reading, math, English, science, and social studies; but how to be good people.

Haunz Family

St. Aloysius is a wonderful place for children. I have had kids there for the past 8 years. They love their school. One of my children has a learning disability and they have been incredibly supportive. She is happy and thriving in her academics.

Gregg Kern

Our family joined St Aloysius in 2012 and our son started in Preschool in 2014. He is now in 3rd grade and loves his class and school. We have small class sizes and a wonderful, supportive, community. Our son has grown so much and is very proud to say he is a St. Aloysius Eagle! We are excited for the next few years!

Staci Spalding

My kids absolutely love St. Als! They get up every morning excited to go to school. Best decision we have ever made to send them to this special place.

Chris Powell

We have had children attending St. Aloysius School for almost 20 years straight and counting. Our kids have received a great education here. St. Aloysius not only goes above and beyond academically.

Bernie & Jan Porter

This school is amazing! They have smaller class sizes for more 1:1 attention. They have access to awesome technology and are incorporating 21st century learning whenever possible. Students leave prepared for high school!

Mary Hearne

All three of our kids have attended St. Al’s and loved it! St. Aloysius prepared them for their high school and college years. We also love the St. Al’s community!

Gwen Deitz

St. Aloysius is the perfect balance of strong academics, small class sizes, dedicated teachers and administrators, state-of-the-art technology, and great extracurricular activities all embedded in a close-knit, faith-filled atmosphere.

Jennifer Delozier

St Aloysius feels like home! Our principal greets the kids every morning with a smile or a joke, and says goodbye to them every afternoon! Our children are challenged in the classroom and learn the value of being kind! Our community is like family – we come together in times of need and celebrate in times of joy!

Emily Robinson

St. Aloysius has been such a positive experience for my son who started preschool there this year. I feel confident that he is in a safe environment and that his teachers truly care for him.

Julia Nikic