Parent Teacher Orgnization

The PTO is one of several non-for-profit fundraising teams within the St. Aloysius Catholic parish. The PTO is a community of St. Aloysius family members, teachers and school administration who volunteer their time, talent and resources to work in concert to support the many fundraisers and student social activities throughout the school calendar year.

The St. Aloysius Catholic School Parent-Teacher Organization is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

What is the Role of the St. Aloysius School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?

The Role of the St. Aloysius Catholic School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to establish and maintain a working relationship among families, school and community while supporting school improvement teams and promote the finest education possible for our students. Our goal as the PTO is to raise funds to fulfill the following:

  •          Expand technology and supplement equipment and supplies.
  •          Increase student safety and security.
  •          Develop programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum.
  •          Enhance the quality of education by raising funds for school supplies or programs that fall outside the school budget.

How can I volunteer for St. Aloysius School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?

The St. Aloysius Catholic School PTO volunteers are family members, teachers and school administrators. Volunteer signups are posted during the new school year registration process. However, the PTO is always open to new volunteers throughout the school year. If you wish to become involved as a volunteer, contact the PTO Board at

What does the PTO do?

Your PTO supports educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school with the involvement of parents and other family member in our student’s lives, education, class, and school. The PTO program provides feedback and suggestions to the school administration for school programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum by while raising awareness and increased exposure of students to technology.

  • Your PTO hosts informational meetings to increased awareness of student safety and social media security issues.
  • Plan fundraising efforts and manage volunteer support to host additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget while encouraging parent and community volunteerism.
  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to staff PTO functions and assist with school programs that include:


Mother-Son Day Out
Skating Parties
Middle School Socials
Trunk or Treat
Field Day
Father-Daughter Dance
Grandparents Day
Teacher/Staff Appreciation
PTS Conference Teacher Meals
Clergy Appreciation


School Open Houses
Art Helper
Back to School Orientation
School Pictures
Health Screenings
Holiday Parties
School Open House
Cafeteria Helper


PTO Easy Money Raffles
Eagle Spirit Gear Store
Box Top and Coca-Cola Cap Drives
Bake Sales
Great American Fundraising
Coupon Books
Dining Out Events


PTO may also participate in other parish fundraising events such as Night at the Races (NATRs) and 8th Grade Trivia Night.

What does the PTO NOT Do?

The St. Aloysius Catholic School PTO does NOT operate the school. Involvement of PTO families is volunteer only and your participation is priceless, but optional. The PTO does not set policy regarding school programs, define school’s curriculum, dictate technology platforms and/or software used by the school or interfere with the school’s security programs and policies.

Your PTO fundraises for the school without any control of the school’s budget. The PTO does NOT set the educational goals, testing requirements, or compliance factors, have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers, and other employees or endorse a particular political candidate or commercial concern.

What is the St. Aloysius Catholic School PTO Officer Board?

The PTO Officer Board is comprised of (5) board members who server (2) year terms. Executive meetings are held on a quarterly basis to develop and plan programs for each school calendar year and consist of five volunteer positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising Coordinator

What events does the PTO put on?

Mother-Son Day Out: The 1st Annual Mother-Son event was held September 9, 2018 at Camp Hi Ho. A fun filled day of outdoor activities that include archery, swimming, boating and arts/crafts.

Skating Parties: Skating parities are open to all families and ages. The parties are held 2-3 times a school year at the local Champs Roller Dome on New LaGrange Road.

Field Day: Field day is hosted during the last week of May on school property. PTO volunteers assist with the coordination of activities and snack distribution.

Father-Daughter Dance: The Father-Daughter Dance event takes place in May on school property. Several PTO volunteers assist with the planning, coordination, and hosting the event.

What committees does the PTO have?


Grandparents Day: This is a great event is held each September for grades K-3. Students host grandparents or other family members to mass followed by classroom activities and a wonderful muffin breakfast.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation: Our teachers and staff are dedicated to our school. Twice a year during Parent Teacher Student Conferences, PTO volunteers coordinate snacks and treats provided through family donations during the day. Then the teachers and staff enjoy a hot dinner provided by the PTO.

Clergy Appreciation: Our clergy are dedicated to our student spiritual education. We honor and thank our clergy each October.  PTO volunteers coordinate breakfast hot breakfast items, coffee and pastries.


  • School Open Houses: There are two school opens houses each school calendar year. PTO Volunteers assist the school with hosting prospective families while they can see our classrooms in action! This is a great opportunity for volunteers to promote our great school and numerous educational opportunities.
  • Art Helper: As a PTO volunteer you can assist our art teacher with tasks and help display all the great works of art throughout our school.
  • Back to School Orientation: The PTO has a strong presence during Back to School night in August. As a board we promote various fundraisers and market volunteer opportunities to parents.
  • School Pictures: The PTO and its volunteers are responsible for supporting both the initial and make up picture days for the students.
  • Health Screenings: There are (3) Health Screening sessions scheduled during the months of October and November. As a PTO volunteer, you assist healthcare specialist with the scheduling and processing of students through their screening sessions.
  • Yearbooks: The PTO and its volunteers are responsible for the planning, design and creation of the school’s annual Eagle Yearbook that is distributed in late spring.
  • Cafeteria Helper: As the PTO Cafeteria Helper volunteer your responsible for posting the monthly food menu on the PTO Facebook site and the link to the current Sign Up genius to be used by individuals to register for times as cafeteria helpers.


  • PTO Easy Money Raffle: The Easy Money Raffle is coordinated and managed by PTO volunteers who print the tickets and forms, take orders for tickets, conduct monthly drawings and pay the winners.
  • Eagle Spirit Gear Store: The Eagle Spirit Gear Store in located in the Dickman center. Three to four PTO volunteers, select merchandise, take orders, manage inventory and finalize sales. 
  • Box Top and Coca-Cola Cap Drives: The PTO hosts (2) Box Tops drives. One drive in the fall and a second drive in the spring. As a PTO volunteer, you would be responsible for the scheduling, communication, collection and submission of all Box Tops collected by students.
  • Cashbook Savings: The PTO distributes (2) Cashbooks per family to buy or sell. This fundraiser runs in September and October. As a PTO volunteer, you would be responsible to the planning, scheduling, distribution and collection of Cashbooks and fundraising monies.
  • Great American Fundraising: The PTO sponsors an annual fundraiser that involves students and families to buy and sell a variety of catalog items. As a PTO volunteer, you would be responsible to the planning, scheduling, distribution of merchandise to families. All items are purchased and paid online.
  • Bake Sales: The PTO hosts a number of bake sales throughout the school year. As a PTO volunteer, you would be responsible for preparing donated baked goods and making the available for sale.