Spanish Teacher
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Que Sera Sera

For 20 years I taught 7th and 8th grade Science, Chemistry I and II, and high school Spanish in several public schools. I enjoyed it and was happy until I took a trip to Italy and saw Pope John Paul II. After that trip I was inspired to check out teaching in a Catholic elementary school. What I discovered was that instead of the content being the only real concern, as it was in public school, Catholic elementary schools were interested in teaching discipline, responsibility, citizenship, and Catholic values as well as the Spanish curriculum. No time is ever wasted – everything is a teachable moment.

Working with the younger students is fun. We focus on games, songs, and cultural activities to introduce them to Spanish and to get them enthused about another culture. The older kids are preparing for high school and amaze me every day with what they can accomplish. I feel like I’m getting back as much as I’m giving. Although I have to work 2 jobs to approach the pay I would have earned in public school I have never regretted my decision to teach in a Catholic school. St. Aloysius is a caring and nurturing environment for students and staff alike. It’s a pleasure to come to work. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me this opportunity.