Jeanette (Señora) Duque

Hola, my name is Jeanette Duque, you may know me as Señora.  I am a native Spanish speaker.  I love teaching students to speak the language and understand the culture.  Before coming to St. Aloysius, I taught  Special Education and Spanish in elementary schools.  Prior to teaching, I was an accountant.  I enjoy spending time with my kids (18, 21), traveling, and training my dog, Luci.

Most individuals who have taken Spanish for years in school do not remember much and have a hard time having conversations. Spanish teachers are now taking the approach a bit differently.

I teach Spanish using the idea of comprehensibility, as well as preparation for high school foreign language classes.   I try to make each class fun and exciting so that students have things to share and practice among each other outside of the classroom.

The joy I receive from hearing students sing a song from class on the playground is priceless.

Learning a second language gives students an advantage; it is considered a necessary skill in the 21st century.