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Shaping Young Minds

Upon entering the classroom, a teacher has the daunting task of shaping the young minds entrusted to her care. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work in kindergarten to grade three throughout my career. Every grade a child enters into involves its own set of developmental milestones.

As a kindergarten teacher, I have found tremendous challenges and enormous satisfaction from the work I do with my students. Students enter kindergarten as young, impressionable students. It is my job to mold their minds like clay so they will be ready for first grade and beyond.

I think that problem solving and responsibility are two of the most important cornerstones to learning and development in kindergarten. My job is not only to impart academic knowledge but to help each student to stand on their own two feet and handle their own challenges. My hope is that they will learn to rely on themselves to solve their own issues. When a problem arises, I will help the child to assess and find a solution while I monitor and direct the child toward success. Success leads to confidence! Confidence leads to knowledge and maturity!

Kindergarten is about learning to love others, fairness, honesty, compassion and responsibility. I feel blessed that you have entrusted me to teach your child. With God’s continual presence in our classroom, I know we will be successful.

As Mother Theresa says:
“We can do no great things, only small things with great love”.