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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. -unknown

My mom always told me growing up that I would one day become a teacher. Back then, I laughed while thinking of my own dreams of becoming a nurse. I pursued this dream for four years and was about to graduate with my degree in nursing when I realized (ironically) my mother was right all along. After taking a few education classes, I knew my mom was on to something. I was in love with teaching! It was at the University of Louisville where I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Spanish.

Shorty after graduating, I received my first job in Shelby County working with English Language Learners. I truly enjoyed helping this population of students and using my experience with Spanish. However, I itched at the opportunity to have my own classroom. Later on, I taught first grade and second grade. I was happy while teaching but
had come to realize that something was missing. I wanted to teach the whole child. I wanted to be a apart of not only their academic growth but also their spiritual and religious education. I have come to realize I would love to teach in an environment that is similar to the one I was taught in. I am a graduate of St. Aloysius and Sacred Heart
Academy and value my private, Catholic school education.

Ever since I started teaching, I have been passionate in my commitment to three things: holding high expectations for every student, fostering personal growth and individual potential, and nurturing a child’s natural curiosity of the world through exploration and discovery. I strive to create memorable experiences believe in the power of hands-on