When I was in elementary school, music class was my favorite class to attend. While I enjoyed my other classes, I continued every week to look forward to music class. Singing is something that I enjoyed doing more than anything else. As a child, i’d perform for anyone who would listen. I continued to study piano and voice until it was time to choose a college path. I had spent so much of my life doing music, I was stumped as to what I could possibly do with music as a career. My senior year of High School, I decided to take a course that allowed me to be a teacher’s assistant at our school systems elementary school across the street. I quickly fell in love with being around children and seeing their relationship with their teachers was something I longed to have for myself, then it dawned on me, I could study to become a Music Teacher. I LOVED my music teachers, I remember each of them to this day.

I went on to study Music Education at Western Kentucky University and never looked back. After graduating, I took a job in Peoria Illinois at a Catholic school as a music teacher. After realizing I wanted to be a bit closer to home in Kentucky, I took the Job here at St. Aloysius and have loved every minute of it since. My Dad was a cradle Catholic but my parents had raised my brothers and I Episcopalian. After moving to Kentucky in the 8th grade, my parents began to send my brothers and I to Catholic School and my mom, brothers and I decided to convert to Catholicism. After converting, I was amazed by the love and power of the Catholic church. It truly changed my life and I am so glad I get to share this love and power with my students in school.

I’m currently pursuing my masters in music education and hope to have obtained it by 2020! I am so thankful to work a school that not only supports my love for the Catholic Faith but also my love of music.