My interest in libraries began when I was around seven years old. Some of my earliest memories are of me checking out books at my school library. In elementary school, I remember reading Encyclopedia Brown books when everyone else was still reading picture books. My librarian showed us an Encyclopedia Brown movie and I was hooked! I have always loved reading. I kept a book with me everywhere I went and would read it if I had just a few spare moments. Whenever I saw the Bookmobile, I was overcome with excitement! I read in the car, on the bus, during class, on weekends, afterschool, and yes, I have stayed up all night finishing more than one book.

As a library media specialist, it is my personal mission to: create and maintain an inviting, accessible physical and virtual presence that supports the learning needs and interests of the students, parents and colleagues in my school community; access and make available library, resource center and virtual information and resources that support the curricular and academic needs of each grade level; actively seek and embrace further education, professional development and current research to engage and support the learning of staff and students; and collaborate and identify priorities with others to design instruction that is meaningful and purposeful for all. ‘Nearly one hundred years ago, John Dewey stated, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” These words are particularly applicable to the utilization of technology in the classroom. If teachers fail to teach the new literacies, they are failing to prepare students for tomorrow, as well as missing valuable opportunities to engage student learning.

I feel that being a library media specialist is a rich learning experience. It is the greatest opportunity to learn about everything. You have a world of information around you and patrons asking you to help find it and understand it. I enjoy challenging myself to become better at a career that is different each day, is never predictable, and where I can make decisions based on my understanding and best judgment at any given moment. I bring a love of learning and enthusiasm to my teaching that makes learning successful and exciting for my students.