Brief info

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” - Albert Einstein

I decided to go into teaching because I wanted to make a difference in children.  I have always had a strong interest in the areas of Science and Math, which I enjoy sharing with my students.  My hope is to positively impact them so that they will lead successful lives.  I was fortunate to go through Catholic Schools.  I attended St. Martha’s, Presentation Academy, and received my degree in teaching from Spalding University.  I feel that Catholic Schools stand apart from other schools.  I choose to teach in Catholic Schools because of the faith-based environment and the fact that morals and values are instilled in the students, which has always been a priority for me.  My educational background formed who I am today.  I strive to give back to my students the same positive educational experiences that I enjoyed.

I have an excellent foundation in regards to subject-matter, especially in science.  Before I entered into education, I was a nursing student for two and a half years.  I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge during these years.  In teaching, I find myself utilizing several areas of science material that I gained from nursing and applying it to many of my lessons.  I implement a variety of methods that incorporate many learning styles, which help the students gain an understanding of the content.  I use manipulatives frequently to assist the students with the material.  Pupils seem to grasp the material easier when I apply concepts to their everyday life events.  This also makes the content more interesting to them.  Some of the topics that I cover are extremely abstract and sometimes difficult to understand by definition.  Therefore, I demonstrate the meaning of the objective at hand.  Manipulatives, other tangible measures, and visual aids are crucial tools that I implement so the students gain an understanding of the content. I challenge students and stress upon them the use of critical thinking skills.  These approaches and methods stir curiosity and interest in the students.  Their enthusiasm and desire to learn beyond the content is always an assuring motivator for me as a teacher.  The students’ inquisitiveness and willingness to learn is always rewarding and makes teaching a joy.