As a young child I was always fascinated with learning new things. As I grew older, my favorite activity was “playing” school with my siblings and neighborhood friends. There was no doubt in my mind as I graduated from high school that I would major in education in college. In fact I went to Spalding College on a Monsignor Pitt scholarship, offered by the Archdiocese of Louisville.

At the ripe age of nineteen, I began teaching second grade at St Albert the Great and Holy Spirit Schools. For three years I continued to teach and go to school part time, and full time during the summer breaks. With one semester to go, I decided to finish my education at Western Kentucky University. Upon completion of my degree, I began substituting in the Louisville and Jefferson County School Systems. I subsequently took a position at St. Edward School. After three years at St. Edward, I returned to Holy Spirit. My next move brought me to St Aloysius.

So, here I am today, after 43.5 year of teaching in Archdiocesan Schools. I have never stopped learning, as the children teach me something new every day. It is so rewarding to work daily amongst students with such inquisitive minds. There is never a dull moment to be had in the classroom. My journey in teaching has been extremely fulfilling. I have witnessed and embraced many changes over the years in this ministry of teaching. I continue to enjoy all aspects of the teaching profession, and with the Holy Spirit to guide me, I will exercise the joy of learning for many years to come.