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Jennifer DeLozier

I grew up in Bowling Green the oldest of three children. From my Southern accent to the fact that none of my good friends was Catholic like me, I grew up in an environment different from my students. I enjoyed…

Denise Cole

I am a strong believer in life-long learning, there is always something new to learn!  I grew up in a Navy family where we moved every 4-6 years so learning how to adapt, how to make new friends and learn…

Jennifer Cary

Jennifer Cary

Little Lambs Teacher (2’s) & Jesus’ Jewels Teacher (3’s)

Syracuse, NY is home for me, and where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from LeMoyne College. My family moved to Louisville in 1998 and I joined after graduation in 2000. My first job was with Oldham…

Rhonda Canary

I decided to go into teaching because I wanted to make a difference in children.  I have always had a strong interest in the areas of Science and Math, which I enjoy sharing with my students.  My hope is to…

Meredith Brooks

My mom always told me growing up that I would one day become a teacher. Back then, I laughed while thinking of my own dreams of becoming a nurse. I pursued this dream for four years and was about to…

Julie Beyke

Julie Beyke

4th & 5th Grade Assistant

I was born and raised in Kentucky where I have lived for most of my life. My husband Jeff and I have been married for over 35 years; we have two children and three grandchildren. I absolutely love spending time with my family…

Nicholas Sledge

Nicholas Sledge

IT Coordinator / Computer