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Rachel Jakubiak

My twin sister and I were born 3 months early.  We were 2 lbs and 2 lbs and 5 ounces. My mother was told we might not live, and if we did, we would have disabilities.  Because of this, Sister…

Natalie Hubbard

Natalie Hubbard

Middle School Science
Tammy Heck

Tammy Heck

Middle School Assistant
Mary Hearne

Since I was 5 years old I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I come from a family of educators and watching them make a difference in the lives of children, inspired me to take the career path of…

Gina Hays

I have always believed the best teachers are those who have realized a sense of calling to the profession and calling has special significance in our Catholic School context. As a community of believers, we avow that we are all…

Connie Hasty

I love teaching second grade. It is an awesome year for children to develop into better readers, build on first grade skills, and become active members of the church through their participation in Reconciliation and First Communion. I earned my…

Regina Hall

As a young child I was always fascinated with learning new things. As I grew older, my favorite activity was “playing” school with my siblings and neighborhood friends. There was no doubt in my mind as I graduated from high…

Traci Fuller

Traci Fuller

Preschool Director

I have aspired to be in the teaching field since I was in second grade. This dream pushed me to earn my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Special Education from Marian University in Indianapolis, IN. I…