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Finding joy in creativity

Every task in the classroom, and even those of an administrator, can be viewed through the lens of creativity. I have created and implemented foreign language curriculums for two different elementary schools that covered every aspect of learning from preK lesson plans to 8th grade exit exams. Timelines, cultural events, progress reports, parent involvement, technology integration—all of these jobs could be seen as tasks to cross off of a list, moving from one demand to another. The key is to look at each one as in individual opportunity for creativity. When I am creative, I am happy. When I’m happy, my joy spreads to those around me. This creative joy is truly a gift from our heavenly Father, the ultimate creator. It is a gift I am called to share with our school and parish community.

As an administrator, I want to offer teachers and students alike an academic experience that fosters and appreciates creativity. Our mission to serve students through Christ-centered formation and academic excellence allows, even expects us, to be creative in our approach in order to reach each and every student in a meaningful way. I enjoy the creativity of working with teachers to develop a unit, solving the jigsaw puzzle that is class scheduling, cooking in the cafeteria, helping to plan a special Mass experience, or improving our website and tweeting our successes. I am privy to creative opportunities each and every day. These creative opportunities are learning experiences not only for students but for me as well. I am blessed to be administrator at a Catholic elementary school, enveloped in a creative, joyful experience.