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“It is better to be a child of God than king of the whole world.” - St. Aloysius

I have always believed the best teachers are those who have realized a sense of calling to the profession and calling has special significance in our Catholic School context. As a community of believers, we avow that we are all called to worship and to serve; to lead with the gifts and graces God has given us and those we’ve acquired by education, hard work and experience, but to do so as “servants of all,” considering others ahead of ourselves – immersed in the spirit of gratitude. It’s a tall order; I’m far from perfect, but I try to start each day, each week and each lesson I teach cognizant of this calling.

To that end, I’ve embraced the concept of servant-leader and tried to develop it in my thinking in the light of our Catholic faith and in the light of the mission of our Catholic school. I am here to serve as member of an excellent, “Blue Ribbon” staff, to serve as instructor, and as servant-guide to fourth and fifth graders. I also realize that in each of those aspects of my work I am, from time to time, called upon to lead; to lead a classroom, projects, events, planning and, most importantly, to help the entire community – our pastors, administration, staff and parents – to lead our students to a clearer understanding of their own callings to worship and to serve.

You see, a school is about learning, instruction and academic development and a Catholic school is also about spiritual formation, worship and service. That is both awesome and very humbling to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the educational experience we provide at St. Aloysius School; it is beyond great. My hope is to find opportunities to lead along the way, and to have my contributions be marked by an unquestionable dedication to service.