Brief info

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

I was blessed to begin my teaching career at Saint Aloysius four years ago. A graduate of Centre College with a B.S. in Mathematics, I love the world of facts, and figures. I hope students leave my classroom, however, feeling as though they were far more than just a number. I strive to teach in a way that not only conveys content in a lucid manner, but also ignites passion in the hearts of my students and supports their academic, social, and spiritual development.

I have a particular fervor for the Growth Mindset, an educational philosophy that aims to debunk the idea that intelligence is fixed at birth and create students who grapple with challenges without giving up and embrace opportunities to think critically, explore diverse approaches, and seek help from those around them when needed. My classroom is an enthusiastic and creative space where intrinsic motivation, inquiry, and problem solving are honed to prepare my students to emerge as leaders in a society in need of their positive contribution.

Finally, I am a believer that learning should be a lifelong endeavor. I complete my Masters at the University of Louisville in 2017, and enjoy attending conferences and workshops on classroom innovation and instruction. Outside of school I stay busy running, crafting, and traveling to spend time with friends and family.