Mrs. Hayslip’s Letter–May 11, 2019

Dear Parents,

Did you figure out our big announcement? There were a few great guesses from our Facebook post. The primary news was that our brand new school website is live and it’s awesome! The enrollment committee worked on this project the entire school year and we are so appreciative of their input. Special thanks to Mrs. Carol Stratford and Mrs. Kelly Gerstle for their contribution in the areas of design and photography. It will take some time to get used to this new format but you might have fun just clicking around to see all it has to offer. A common concern on our recent technology survey was the lack of a centralized spot for communication. We hope that this new website will address that concern and be the one stop shop for all your St. Aloysius news needs. More information will be added and adjusted in the weeks to come and throughout the summer. As with any new endeavor we welcome your constructive feedback.

Another guess from Facebook was the hope for news on our new middle school teachers. I’m happy to report that Mr. Ben Wissel will be joining us in 6A next fall. He earned a BA in History from Purdue and an MA in Secondary Social Studies Education from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT. Mr. Wissel has previously worked in both public and Catholic schools in Indiana and Missouri. Join me in welcoming Mr. Wissel to St. Aloysius! Our search continues for 6B so keep praying for just the right person to apply.

A third prediction was news regarding the potential bus option for the fall. Since the deadline extension and new letter that answered parent concerns, we have had an excellent response. At this time, we are working with Miller Transportation to begin the routing process. The deadline for submission is May 17 so there’s still time to be considered for a stop on the route. Get your form turned in ASAP! Stay tuned for more updates.

This week has been incredible on so many levels. Not only did we have an amazing awards day with well over 300 certificates given, a terrific talent show showcasing a variety of acts, and a fabulous fine arts night with work literally on display from floor to ceiling, but we were also blessed with an overwhelmingly generous teacher appreciation week. This is such a hectic time of year with extra events, extra meetings, extra deadlines. When people ask how I keep going…this is how. I am continually reminded of just how special St. Aloysius is and I am continually supported by the positive people I encounter each day. THANK YOU!

There really are only 12 days left (or less!) and we still have so much to do. Enjoy your weekend, get some extra rest and don’t forget your flower for the May Crowning on Monday.

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