Mrs. Hayslip’s Letter–April 26, 2019

Dear Parents,

When I meet a new acquaintance and the small talk goes to family questions, I love when I’m asked how many children I have. With a big smile, I usually answer, “I have 400 sweethearts!” which generally confuses the other person until I explain my job. I consider each and every one of our students as “mine” and am privileged to grow with them over their years at St. Aloysius. I have my proud momma hat on writing this week’s letter and hope you share my pride at our various accomplishments.

Congratulations to the 19 students who qualified to take the ACT as seventh graders. Results are in and we have 7 students who qualified for state recognition! Qualifiers earned a 23 or higher in one or more areas of the ACT. Jadon Duff earned the highest St. Aloysius score with a 28 in English. WOW!! Other qualifiers include Henry Fawcett, Riley Jarrell, Andrew Kramer, Lila Norris, Anika Roche, and Christine Very. Several other students earned scores of 20-22 as well. The average composite score for high school juniors in the state of Kentucky is 19. These students took the same high school level ACT and represented St. Aloysius amazingly well.

Terra Nova test results are coming home today for grades 2-8. As a school, we continue to do quite well and have made the Blue Ribbon cut scores as they are currently posted. See the chart on the Weekly Info page for details by class/subject. Keep in mind, the Blue Ribbon scores will be updated in the fall so while I assume we will still qualify, we will need to recheck scores when we return in August. Spoiler alert: I’m most thrilled with third grade reading which was 13 points over the cut score as well as seventh grade math which was 16 points above the cut score. All sections did well and I’m proud to have such progress noted on a national level.

As a parent, I know the Terra Nova forms that come home can be overwhelming and challenging to decipher. Please feel free to email me directly or set up a time to review them with me if you have any questions. While I can’t answer everything, I can usually clear up confusion and help you figure out the forest from trees. One question I’m asked every year is, “Where’s the score to tell me if my son/daughter is getting a certificate on awards day?” The score we use to determine this is the NP (national percentile) of the (composite) total score. Students who earned 80-89 will have a silver certificate. Students who earned 90-99 will get a gold certificate. In grades 2-7, we will honor 87 students which is 37% of our population. Another outstanding statistic.

Numbers, scores, and statistics all have their place in our abundance of school pride. However, as a Catholic school principal, I’m equally proud of aspects that aren’t data driven. Congratulations to our students receiving First Eucharist this Saturday and celebrating Confirmation on May 6. Kudos to the students who went on field trips this week – seldom does a principal receive a call regarding GOOD behavior off site; this week I had two! Welcome to our new kindergarten student who started just this week because his parents couldn’t wait to have him join our friendly community. Thank you to the families that jumped at the chance to be an Eagle sponsor (I still need more!). We are so very blessed in every way. Be proud of our school and parish community. YOU make a difference that is noticed each and every day. Well done Eagles!

Mrs. Hayslip

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